Sunday, December 14, 2008

Purpose of This Blog

OK, so the title of my blog is pretty self-explanatory; this blog is an attempt to share my writing/publishing experience with the hopes of making sense of my journey to get published over the last nine years. And, maybe I'll even inspire a few of you to hang in there as well!

Lest you think I am bitter about not having any of my books published, I want to assure you that I am not (well, most of the time I'm not, though, I do have my weak moments, which are usually quickly resolved with the help of chocolate and peanut butter). And, besides, it's not like I haven't had some successes on my path to getting a book published! I have an awesome agent, Amy Tipton at FinePrint Literary, who is currently shopping my second novel. And, I have published several entries in "real" books. OK, so they are totally boring entries in a compilation reference book about how products are made (if you ever need to know how litmus paper is produced, just ask me), but it counts!

If you are a writer, published or otherwise, or someone who has a goal that you just can't or won't give up on, this blog is for you. You will identify with my persistence (some call it stubbornness) to achieve my dream. Please feel free to post your own unrequited dreams on this site. Perhaps together we all be sharing good news some day soon!

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  1. So obviously I came across your blog because I have been trying to get published for 6 years. Congratulations on Pure Enough... did your agent sell it for you?